La Bayadère and Fancy Free, nice Slide Side-review

Ok, I know I should have written this earlier, we’re already done with Houston Ballet’s new production of “La Bayadère – the Temple Dancer”, music by Leopold Minkus. (No relation to Charlie Mingus….)
But, it’s not that often we’re having four live snakes on stage! I got to pet one of them on the cast-party on opening night, and he liked hugging the ladies.
The best part was when we played a school show for 2500 middle-schoolers, and the snake-handler came up on stage and had a little speech for the kids. “If you stay in school, and listen to your parents, study really hard and get good grades, you can become a snake-handler just like me.” Yeah, right!

We have another weekend of Leonard Bernstein’s “Fancy Free”, written in 1944 when he was 26. It’s about three sailors in New York, so I guess it has something to do with “On the town”. It’s really fun to play, lots to do in the brass, with little jazz solos here and there. I even get to use a solo-tone mute and do my Tommy Dorsey-imitation, complete with slide-vibrato!

For you Swedish-speakers and -readers, I got a very nice review of my album on DIG jazz, a great web-site devoted exclusively to jazz. Here’s the link:

We’re starting rehearsing Tjaikovskij’s Pique Dame at the opera in a couple of weeks, and I aslo have a show coming up with Marvin Hamlisch and Joel Grey, should be fun.

Kepp swinging!