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Great Tristan, Mozart victim of swine-flu, what do kids listen to?

I came home Wednesday night last week after the dress rehearsal of Brief Encounter, André Previn’s new opera, and happened to turn on the TV just as the last act of Tristan and Isolde started. This was a live performance from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, conducted by James Levine, and it was great! I’ve always liked the overture (or “vorspiel” as Wagner calls it) but never though I’d enjoy 5 hours of Wagner until I got to play it with the Royal Opera in Stockholm last fall. It’s mesmerizing, great story, great music!

If you get a chance to see it, do it, but bring a snack!

Thursday night we rehearsed Mozart’s c-minor Mass at the Centrum in Spring, north of Houston. Everything worked fine until the school district (half the choir was from a local high-school) decided to suspend all extra-curricular activities because of the swine-flu. They moved the concert from last Sunday to May 17, which means I can’t play the concert because of a jazz gig! Even Mozart is not immune to the flu! Luckily it seems like the outbreak is a lot less severe than first thought.

So what’s that jazz gig on May 17? It’s at the Houston Community College northwest, a benefit concert for guitar-great Mike Nase, who suffered a stroke in December. It’ll start in the afternoon through evening, and pretty much all the Houston jazz cats will be there. I will play with Matt Lemmler’s sextet, and also Joel Fulgham’s big band. Come check it out!

This is funny: My ten- and seven-year-olds come home from school raving about all these really cool tunes. Turns out it’s all these songs from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” from 1983! The kids have since been glued to the computer, watching youtube-videos from the 80’s! I don’t mind at all, when was the last time parents and kids actually agreed on music? I played Jakob some Tower of Power, and he thought it was the coolest thing, not realizing it’s 30 years old!

I asked some high-schoolers not too long ago what they listen to, since I have no clue what’s popular right now. The answer: the Beatles!


May 1-9: Brief Encounter – Previn – World Premiere

Title: Brief Encounter – Previn – Wold Premiere
Location: Houston Grand Opera
Link out: Click here
Description: Houston Grand Opera presents the world premiere of André Previn’s Brief Encounter, based on David Lean’s classic film adaptation of a play by Noël Coward. An honest and compassionate look at emotional infidelity, Brief Encounter stars Elizabeth Futral and Nathan Gunn as Laura and Alec, the couple torn between love and loyalty, and Kim Josephson as Laura’s bewildered husband; Patrick Summers conducts.
Start Date: 2009-05-01
End Date: 2009-05-09