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The Producers


Start Date: 2009-07-24
End Date: 2009-08-02
Time: Varies. Check listings.
Location: Masquerade Theatre at Zilka Hall at the Hobby Center
Link out: Click here
Description: A down-on-his-luck producer and his meek accountant discover that they could conceivably make more money on a show that flops than on a successful production, and so they set out to find and produce the worst possible musical imaginable (and make millions of dollars for themselves along the way).



I think it’s safe to say I’ve now reached the pinnacle of my career: I get to play with the Kit Kat Klub band! I like playing trombone by itself, but getting to do it in women’s clothes and doubling on tuba just adds a whole new dimension to being a musician. And the rest of the guys in the band, now I know what sisterhood feels like!

Kit Kat Klub Band in drag

When I saw myself in the mirror I realized I look like a mix of my mom and Björn Borg (my mom’s never been much of a tennis player though). I did wish for a bigger cup-size, hoping to make my wife jealous. As it is she’ll just laugh at me, you just can’t have everything in life…

This production of the musical Cabaret is in Houston’s Hobby Center with TUTS, Theater Under The Stars. The orchestra in this production totals 11 musicians, with five of us onstage acting as the club band, that’s why we’re in drag. (The other guys are of course very envious, and I probably have to report a couple of them for sexual harassment after grabbing my tits). I’ve always liked this show, great (very tragic) story, great music and fun to play.

Thomas and his tuba

I own this old King Bb tuba that I play dixie-gigs on from time to time (it has to stay in the garage, not trained to stay inside). Luckily the tuba part in Cabaret is pretty basic, I do the “um”, the rest of the band “pa”, if it was more complicated I’d be in trouble!


Moose March

Performed by Peoria Jazz Band, from the CD “Going Home”

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